My origin story

Ever since I could remember, I was searching for ways to let out my creative juices. I started with popsicle sticks and hot glue, and made larger and larger things until I eventually got to a massive hammer the size of an oil drum. After reaching the upper echelon of what was capable with popsicle sticks and hot glue, I began “carving” blades out of boards that I got from The Home Depot. I thought that this was the logical progression of materials at the time, as all I really needed was a saw. I didn’t make many things this way, as it got boring fast. Throughout all of my “wood age”, I’ve been thinking of how to make my work pieces more “permanent”. The wood that I had been working with had the tendency to break easily. I needed something better. I had been watching a bunch of blacksmithing videos on YouTube out of boredom. But one day, rather than just watching, I thought to myself “what’s stopping me from forging my own blade?”

The Origin of Hu Handmade Knives

The dream was always to eventually make money by selling knives; however, as a 16 year old with no exposure, it’s a difficult task. I knew that I had to make a name for myself someway, and I had no money to pay for a website or advertising. I ended up turning to Instagram. I had been posting pictures of my work to my personal account for a while, but interests didn’t mix well, and the fact that it was a private account made it virtually impossible to build up a focused audience. This is how the idea to create Hu Handmade Knives came about.

Turning a hobby into a business

After selling one chef’s knife, it kind of just took off. I started getting many requests for custom chef’s knives, some with more specifications, and some with zero. I was very lucky, as I always had a project to work on. I didn’t let making chef’s knives for customers stop me from trying out bigger things. I had always been infatuated with Japanese blades (i.e. katana, wakizashi, tanto). I watched countless videos of people making them on YouTube and even bought a few books on the subject.